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You’ve never had this Christmas message


What’s your Christmas story?

Today is the baby Jesus story. If you don’t know it, the story reads like a modern day action adventure.

Baby Jesus born homeless, running for his life, in the darkest of times. He’s the son of God and a helpless nobody. (You’ve got to love the paradoxes and contradictions. They make for great story telling – but also deep learning.)

We celebrate Christmas during the darkest time of year, and express some of the greatest joy. These opposing ideas are meaningful – certainly not accidental. When you look in your own life, you can see these balances and paradoxes happening.

Why talk about this on Christmas? Because this is when it starts (the darkest time of year). Start paying attention now, you’ll see it. The darkness is here to move you out of comfort – break up your pattern of thinking – and Christmas says do it with joy.

Where are things falling apart? Where do you see upheaval and disruption? Can you too look at yourself as a child of God and a helpless nobody?

Live your own action adventure starting this Christmas.

Keep thriving,



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