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Wham! My alcoholic lesson – the vocaublary


Okay, here’s something new.
Yesterday’s message used some words. (you can read it here)

  • Trust
  • Conscious (Or consciousness)
  • FaultWhat do they mean? Do they translate well? How can you use them?

    Here is some context for “trust”.
    I believe what you say. I believe what you do. If you fall I will catch you. It’s a good idea.
    It’s a simple idea, but hard to practice.
    Translation: I think the words translates well.
    Usage: It’s a positive word. Good to think about and start using (and doing). You know how to use it, it’s not that difficult.

    Fault (the verb is blame)
    Context for the word
    You’re wrong. Point the finger at a person. The mistake is because of me.
    Translates okay. but not all the time. Sometimes people translate it like “guilt” or “crime” – Fault isn’t such a strong word.
    Usage: Use it on someone if you want to make him/her feel bad. Or use it on yourself
    A: to feel bad
    B: to be responsible
    C: reflect on yourself

    Context for the word.
    Awake. Aware. You know what’s happening.
    Translation: Sure it translates well – but you have to take context (as with any translation)
    Usage: When you want to sound wise
    When you are talking about spiritual stuff (used a lot in spiritual topics)
    It’s also used lots in psychology topics.

    Extra word: The greater conscious (as opposed to subconscious – like lower consicous) –
    Context for the word: The greater conscious part of you acts without you really knowing it. Also the understands much more than the processing brain.
    Translation – Doesn’t translate. Because I created this phrase, I don’t think it translates well – you can try it though.
    Usage: Not a lot of people use it (Yet). Just me. Please start using it though. 200% more people will start using it when you begin.

    Talk to you soon.

    Keep learning,

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