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No Party for the New Year – Yay!


Maybe you celebrate the New Year having a party – staying up till midnight. Why? To watch another minute of your life slip away. Raise your glass to life. Then, you’ll go back to doing whatever it is you do.
That’s how most celebrate New Year’s. With a drink and staying up late. That or less. Few people I know truly celebrate the New Year. Trying to make meaning from it seems pointless –
Forget resolutions, reflecting on last year.
Don’t ask how this coming year can be new, different or change. It won’t amount to anything anyway. Yeah, it’s best just to have the party and leave it at that. A party will be all the meaning and worth of New Year. So – go ahead and have a blast.

Well, that’s not going to be my New Year. I can guarantee you that.
No party.
No waiting for midnight
No toasting the New Year
It’s just not my thing.
I celebrate the New Year in a bigger way – even more than Christmas.
Next time I’ll tell you more, but leave you with this.
It won’t be pointless –

Coming into this New Year, May you thrive.

Photo by Dave Lastovskiy on Unsplash


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