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Cabin fever causes self inflicted injury

I’ve had a bit of cabin fever and am going stir crazy these days. That’s gotten me into trouble. You understand. Here’s the thing, I’m a passionate person. I don’t take life in a cool, collected and apathetic way. For me, I’m all in, blood and bone, heart and spirit. Trying to come at it any other way just hasn’t worked.

So, the other day I was working. Actually feeling good, but then BAM. I got hit with some bad news, then more bad new. The emotions kept building up in me. (Yeah, and as I mentioned, being calm isn’t my strong suit.) Anyway, the frustration started welling up in me. I balled up my fist and I lashed out. (No, I didn’t hurt anyone – but myself.) I slammed my fist into a wall… and… crack. No, that wasn’t the sound of the wall. That was the sound of my finger breaking. (Note to self – walls do not respond well to physical violence.) Seeing that the wall wasn’t going to move its position (or change point of view), I left. Bruised, but (hopefully) wiser.

Here’s the reason I’m telling you this. It probably wouldn’t have happened if I had just talked to someone. (A beautiful 3rd conditional sentence BTW) Getting out your feeling, expressing yourself and knowing what you need helps. That’s what I needed. I imagine you need it too.
If you’re feeling like you need to talk to someone, let me know.

I’m a good listener (despite my conflict with walls).

Keep thriving,

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