Be Free!

Discover What's Holding You Back

(An English summer retreat)

A Relaxing retreat (Camp)

In the magic of the Jeseniky Mountains. Relax, revitalize and find what feels good.

Fun Conversation 

If you want to have great conversations, this is the place.  Connect, enjoy and laugh.

Dynamic discussion

Just imagine talking that inspires and excites. When you get that kind of discussion, you feel like you can do anything.

You'll forget you're learning

Sure, you're going to learn. But you'll be doing it through games, mysteries, and challenges that stimulate. 

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6 Days Full of Fun, Friends and English

July 26 - July 31 

  • July 26

  • July 27

  • July 28

  • July 29

  • July 30

  • July 31

Sunday: Beginning your Journey

  • Getting to know you
  • Discovering the mystery (of learning and communication)
  • 3 hours of English then - Evening game

Here's what you'll love when you come.

Peace, quiet, and motivation

Buzz! Beep! Tweet... so many distractions all around you today. Not here. Here, you'll get to relax in the peace an quiet of the Jeseniky mountains. 

You can get away from the daily grind

This isn't just an incredible opportunity to learn English. This is a time to relax. Take your mind off things. Change you perspective. 

Bringing the English world to you

Since it's so hard to travel these days. The English word is coming to you. All of us are travelers and speakers of English. You can't get better than this.

Up close, Personal and Intensive

This retreat is small. 12 learners and 4 instructors. You're going to get a lot of personal attention. This is going to move your forward and  

Breathe, drink, dream - English

When you go away on this English retreat it's going to be for 6 days! That's enough time for you to start living in English. Thinking in English, and yes, even dreaming in English. 

Connect, communicate, create

English is about connecting, communicating and creating. It's not just "learning language". It's stepping into a world of wonder. 

Come Scared; Leave Certain.

It's hard speaking another language. You know it's hard. We do too. Even when you're good at it, you still get nervous. That's why this is a safe place where you can be yourself - and discover within you. You TOO Can do it! 

This isn't a drill - It's fun :)

If you've been to other English camps. You know it can be lesson after lesson. Sometimes exhausting. This isn't that. We've got games, mysteries, and activities ready for you to have fun.

Brain Food

When you eat well it helps your thinking. It helps your mood and energy. We know that. That's why we're  bringing to you the best possible meals and nutrition.  This isn't just food from the pub, it food the fills the body and soul.

Lose Yourself in the wonder of Jeseniky Mountains.

When you're at work - stressed, distracted, and feeling down. You hear the radio in the background.

It's not helping your concentration. In fact, it might be hurting it.

Sounds  of nature can boost your mood, and increase your productivity more than 20%

Just imagine how you'll  be absorbing knowledge in the magic of  the Jeseniky Mountain.

Book your place now. Only 1 places left!

For 1 day you pay

Only 236 Kč a session!!

 with an International communication expert, natives speakers and highly qualified teachers.

World class teaching 7 - 10 hours of English learning a day

Normal price


  You pay

  1,650 Kč

Beautiful Mountain getaway 

Normal price

400 Kč

  You pay

  400 Kč

All the food you need Healthy Homemade Meals 

Normal price


  You pay

  600 Kč

Helpful Resources and Materials

Normal price


  You pay


Price For 1 day

Total price for a day

Normal price


You pay

3000 Kč

A lifetime of experience in 6 days (Priceless)

Normal price


You pay

15,000 Kč

Meet Your Guides (Teachers)

But we like to think of them as guides in learning not teachers

Meet Petra...

The Best person to meet on a rainy day.


Because she's a bundle of sunshine. Petra's all about creating a safe haven where learners can make mistakes, laugh and be themselves. (Sometimes they laugh at her, but that's oaky. She's the type of person who laughs with them.)

Right now, Petra isn't teaching as much these days. She's taking it easy at home with her little daughter. Have you ever known any mother to take it easy?) She still has this love and passion for teaching (that's why she's with us - and we are sooo lucky to have her.) Not only that, Petra's also taught in Ireland and people from Hispanic English learners. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and awesomeness to your retreat.

Petra  /  Our amazing teacher

Meet Ian...

Fun, energetic and Adventure 

If you could choose three words to describe yourself which words would you choose?

For myself…I have no idea.

For Ian

Fun, energetic and Adventure

That about sums it up. Ian's the one in our group who keeps us all (mainly me) making sure we have fun. He's great at it. Although he does English teaching, his real passion is outdoors, up high, where you can fall and die.

He's bringing to your retreat a bit of adventure, experience from all over the world and his lighthearted joy at just being alive. Everyone who meets Ian thinks he's incredible (and a little crazy) with good reason. We love him

Ian  / Traveler - climber

Meet Adam...

The teacher who's not a teacher...

Even though Adam is an international communication expert, he's also so normal, human and likable. It's easy to see how Adam not only teaches, but also applies uses NVC (Non-violent communication) in his own life. Once you start talking to him, it's easy to see why he's able to travels the world providing workshops and facilitating communication events. He's so full of compassion and care, we know he always wants the best for everybody.

Adam brings a unique dynamic to this retreat. Not exactly an English teacher, but a great facilitator. He speaks excellent English and is able to deepen our understanding of communication and connecting with people.

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