​Do you Freeze up ​speaking English?

​Do you Wish you could have conversation in English?

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​Real Conversation

​If you are tried of basic conversations, and you want real ​conversation​. Daily English Lessons is for you.​​​​​​

​Better than English classes

​It's almost as good as having a private teacher in your own home. You get English lessons directly for you everyday.

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Customer stories

​Katka Š - ​​Loves Jumping

For me English lessons are great ! I like working with the videos you send.

Conversation questions are very good because I learned to think English.

Most of all, it's important for me to listen to a video and then your video recordings with pronunciations.

I have to say that there is always a lot of tasks and learning in a week, but I think that is why I slowly improve myself in English. Every day I open mail I'm looking forward to finding mail from you. I can´t imagine that I did´t find a mail in the mailbox with English:-)

Keep it up, please ;-)

See you Kate

​Adéla V - ​Horse Enthusiast

I think Daily English Lessons are really good idea. There are many good tips for watching the videos and lot of listening. It really helps me.

My rating is number 10, of course :-)

I am really glad that i chose your courses

​Josef M - ​Mountaineer

I think your daily lessons helping me to dive deep into english language. Especially your movie spots are really great :-) .

Now I try to speak some phrases from you tube stories to myself when driving…

If someone asks me what´s going on with your daily lessons, I can tell him that this is a great opportunity to improove spoken English with a native speaker, who knows how to explain it.

On a scale of 1 - 10 I´m going to give you 9. Just one point is missing to perfection :-) I would welcome time to time a personal meeting. Even if it will costs some extra money.

I hope it was usefull feedback for you. Just want to say again, I like your lessons to much.

Thank you, Steven.

​"We talked together for nearly an hour - and all in English!"

Iva was seemed nervous and excited when we sat down for her lesson. Usually the calm and collected woman (of two grown kids), this time she was nearly dancing in her chair.

"How was your trip to Italy?" I asked Iva. That's that only thing I figured she could be excited about.
"It was really good." She said. "Last year when we went to Germany I couldn't talk to people. All we do is travel." Iva said smiling. "I wanted to talk to people."

She wanted - that meant something had changed.
"My husband always makes the arrangements, but he just speaks a little English, not much."
"So it isn't about being able to go places." I confirmed. "You want to get to know the culture."
"Yes, it's about being able to talk to the people. To be able to have those conversations abroad."
"We were camping in our RV (she called it a caravan) and I walked over to our neighbors camp to see if I could introduce myself."
"You wanted to see if you could have a conversation." I commented. "I'll bet your were nervous." She nodded.
"I met with a nice young lady. She was traveling with her husband. They were from Sweden and they were cycling around."
"That's nice." I said, "What's she like?" I missed the point of what she was saying.

"We talked together for nearly an hour - and all in English!"
"Oh," I said realizing what she was saying. "You had a real conversation in English."
"Yeah, I didn't feel nervous, and I knew what to say. It was great."
"Wow." That's all I could say

"All we do is travel," She said,  "I wanted to talk to people."

Iva started her English learning journey with me (her teacher), a little more than a year before. She'd gone from stuttering, barely managing sentences to being able to have real conversations. I was impressed, but it was more than that. Iva was an ordinary the learner (like you) who open the door to another way of learning English. 

Failure after failure :(

Not learner's failures - Mine.
Again and again.
"No textbooks." I said (that was my failure).
​So I started finding videos for learners to watch.
​At, first the videos were too hard (another failure). The lessons had no structure and learners felt lost in the lessons (and another one).
​But thinking about going back to textbooks made me feel ill. I knew there was a better way.
​Slowly, I found the right videos for learners at the right level.  
​Today I hear stories like yours - ​Stories that inspire.

Success stories like yours always inspire. 

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Blueberry Muffine video” no=”1/2″] [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Vocabulary” no=”2/2″] [/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group][one_half]<iframe width=”1280″ height=”720″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Oe3ICDHfTf4″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>[/one_half][one_half_last]YourContentHere[/one_half_last]

Day 1: Baking Muffins - Audio Examples

​Day 2:  Baking Muffins - Video

Day 3: Baking muffins - Video Explanations

Day 4: Baking Muffins - Full Vocabulary Text (this is just a sample not ALL the words)

  • To Share
  • ​Bowl, Fork, ...
  • Equipment
  • ​Flavor
  • ​Fluffy
  • ​Keep in mind

Explanation:  to have or use with others


  • I share an office with two other people.
  • Mike shared the last cookie with his brother.

From the video:

"This week we are sharing an update to one of our more popular recipe videos, blueberry muffins."

Day 9: Baking Muffins - Pronunciation

Day 13: Baking Muffins - ​Conversation Tip

​Day 20: Baking Muffins - Vocabulary Q&A With Audio

  • To Share
  • ​Bowl, Fork, ...
  • Equipment
  • Flavor
  • ​Vocab​ personal answers

​Question: Equipment

  • What equipment do you use most?

​Day 25: Baking Muffins - Summary

  • Examples & Explanations
  • Video
  • ​Comprehension
  • ​Pronunciation
  • Conversation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary  in Use

Every example is from a real person and real situations.

I have changed the names are different, except for the reviews,  Not everybody wanted their story told and would only allow them when I changed their name.

Tomáš had trouble ​in conversations after business meetings. He needed to entertain his guests. They'd go out for lunch, dinner, and a drink. That's when the stress hit.

He could manage ​​the meetings just fine. ​That's not what bothered him​.

​Tomáš ​is a naturally shy introverted person. He couldn't keep up in the conversation, small talk and chitchat. The mix of ​discussion - asking - answering was too hard to handle.

And he's one of the several learners who helped in creating Daily English Lessons. ​Today Daily English Lessons wouldn't be here today without him.
In our meetings he told me what worked and didn't. ​He started getting materials he needed, he improved more and more rapidly. Until ​one day, ​Tomáš didn't ​the ​Daily English Lessons. He knew enough, he could have those informal conversations. ​He could manage to talk and enjoy the lunches and dinners. 

Made with learners like you.

​After some successes (like ​Tomáš's) I ​learned how to form the lessons around conversation and English. ​The conversation questions, answers and ​tips have come from helping people like you speak.

​Do you freeze up?

​​Someone asks you a question and you just freeze up…
You can't say a thing. Then you start feeling embarrassed, and it gets even worse. That's what Lad'a was like. Except worse.
He just sat there. Waiting, saying nothing.
In the lesson I felt bad for him. The other learners did. I told him about Daily English Lessons and asked him if he could try it. He did. We met two weeks later. I really didn't know what to expect.
The next time I met him he spoke.
Was it great? It was great he was speaking! In two weeks I really didn't think anything could help. I'd like to say it was wonderful, and it was. He managed to speak, to say something.
No, it wasn't perfectly correct. Sure, it was slow. But he spoke. He went from completely frozen to saying at least
something. The beginning of communication.

​​The biggest problems learners have is time.

​​Having the time, you can study and learn. It's great. But when you don't you feeling guilty, you just can't manage it. It doesn't matter how good something is, if you can't do it, it doesn't help.

Learners told me the system was great. It was just too much time. The couldn't keep up. That's when the final form of Daily English Lessons ​took shape.
Rather than have ​lessons in one or two blocks. You get a small bit over days and weeks. 

What surprised me, is learners started learning even better.
You get 1 lesson a day, 5 days a week.
The material should be enough for you to study about 10 - 20. That's all!

Is English learning too much time for you?

​Is it right for you?

The other day, a lady called interested in buying Daily English Lessons. She was studying for an exam in English.
"I don't think it's right for you." I told her. She was surprised to hear that.
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"You want to study for a certificate." I said, "Daily English Lessons is focused on speaking and using English."
"Certificates also use spoken English."
"Yes, they do." I answered, "But they also teach more fill-in-the-blank, grammar, reading and writing. Daily English Lessons helps you with conversation."
"I still don't understand why you wouldn't want me to buy it." She said.

"Think of it like this." I said, "Let's say you buy it, and you don't like it. You don't like it because it isn't helping you. It isn't doing what you want it to. Then what? You talk about it, you tell your friends it's not worth buying. I don't want that. Personally I'd rather you not buy it. That's why I'm telling you this."
"I'll think about it." She said.
She still hasn't bought the Daily English Lessons. I'm okay with that.

​​Compare for Yourself

I'm a teacher (maybe this isn't good for selling but), I have to tell you the downsides.


  • ​Personal effective English in your inbox. 
  • ​​Lessons at home, on the road, wherever you want. 
  • ​You get five lessons a week (it's motivation to study)
  • ​It's based on science, experience and results
  • You like my personality
  • It's about conversation, speaking and confidence in English
  • It is Fun
  • It is a ​​​daily ​practice.​​​​​​


  • ​​Not face-to-face
  • Not in a classroom
  • ​You get five lessons ​a week (maybe that's too much for you)
  • It isn't magic, effortless, or mystical
  • You don't like my personality
  • Not about exams, certificates, reading or writing.
  • ​It isn't Easy
  • ​It is a daily practice


Daily English Lessons is the best things for learning ​English. Hundreds and thousands of hours testing and researching with learners like you. Not only that I had this checked with memory psychologists and continue to develop it. But hey... it's not for everybody.  

​What You Get in the Daily English Lessons

​English ​Lessons Five Days a week.

​You get English materials sent to your inbox 5 days a week. You just need to study a little bit (about 10 -20 minutes everyday)

​Conversational focus

​Everything about Daily English Lessons is about conversation -even the grammar. You get questions, answers, conversation tips and more

​Vocabulary building

​You can't speak if you don't have the words. Daily English Lessons chooses words you need for speaking. You repeat, build and use the vocabulary many times over the course. uses ​proven​ memory techniques from psychology and science so you actually remember and ​use ​the words​​​​​​​

Fluency and Pronunciation

Even though you are learning on your own, you can still practice getting fluent. Each lesson series comes with ​videos practicing pronunciation and audios for you to repeat the phrases. Not only that, you get extra tips to check yourself

​Scientific methods and results.

​Daily English Lessons uses ​​proven​​ memory techniques from psychology and science so you actually remember and ​​use ​​​​the words. We continue to test, examine and revise, giving you the latest and best methods for learning, and communicating.

​Videos specifically for you

​Real English videos selected for your level of English, for conversation.


​At McintoEnglish we are building a community of learners and people who want to speak. You get to join us

Are you Ready to join?

Answer "Yes" to the questions

  •  You want English to be FUN, but is NOT always EASY.
  • ​English topics need to be RELEVANT to your life
  • ​ You ​want to communicate effectively. Not worry about saying it right.

First ​30 Days of Daily English ​for only 6.3 Kč a day.​​​ (199 Kč )

Then just 599 Kč per month

​You don't have to believe anything ​here, but...I want you to discover for yourself. ​ ​

​That's why the first month is just 199 Kč. 

(Why not free trial period?)

​When you pay for something you use it and appreciate it more. 199 Kč means you are serious and willing to work at it. 

That's not all...

​Here's my offer:

I'd like to give you 30 days of the best of everything ​I've got.

​Use English in the ​Daily English Lessons...​

Take as much or as little as you want. Test the value of what I'm offering for yourself. You be the judge.

If at any time during these 30 days you're not 100% fully convinced that the cost of being a ​Daily English member is the best ​bargain you can get for learning English at home, on your own, contact ​me and cancel your membership.

No hard feelings, no hassles, and you can keep your "test drive" bonuses as a gift from us.

​P.S - ​Test drive Daily English Lessons for 30 days

No risk. Cancel anytime if you're not fully 100% convinced it's for you.

​P.P.S. ​You will be charged a one-time fee of ​99 - kč ​for your Daily English Lessons 30-Day Guest Pass. After 30 days, if you choose to continue to be a member​, your dues will be ​599 Kč per month charged automatically to your credit card. You can cancel at anytime - quickly, easily, no hassles and no hard feelings - by calling or writing the ​McintoEnglish office.

​Contact details are at the bottom of every page

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