WElcome to

A pink bunny dead

If you can't do anything about the situation, don't get angry. Act on what you can.
Vocabulary for this message.

  • Delay
  • Hurt
  • Find your way
  • Whatever

I'm writing this message while waiting at the train station in Olomouc hl. I've only been waiting on the delayed train for… 30…60…90..120 minutes. Grrrrr!
Still waiting…
Kind of feel like the pink bunny that keeps on going….only….
I should be back in my office to teach a lesson. I'm not going to make it in time. Had to cancel it. That hurts. I don't like cancelling lessons. 
What can I do during the wait?
I come prepared (that's how I can write you).
When all I can do is wait, I prepare. Then, once the time comes to act, I'm ready. 
Some people wait with no plan. Wait expecting something to happen. Good luck with that plan. There's one thing that never waits. 
Okay, so if you are waiting (and not acting) to learn English - then I'll tell you this. 
You know what, find another teacher. Find someone who 'waits' with you.

Now's your chance to learn.
Let's meet and talk it out. 


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